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Trojan Economics specialises in the economics of competition law, state aid and market regulation.


We are the leading competition economics consultancy in Cyprus

We provide expert economic advice and testimony on all aspects of competition law, state aid and market regulation.

Trojan Economics Offices in Cyprus


Make fully informed strategic decisions
  • Identify and resolve potential competition issues before they become problems
  • Build robust and consistent arguments based on advanced quantitative methods
  • Provide compelling expert advice that delivers practical and realistic solutions
  • Limit business disruption and free management resources
  • Convey the arguments in a straightforward and convincing way
  • Quantify damages in competition-related disputes


We are the only consulting company in Cyprus specialising in Competition Economics
  • We infuse legal arguments and decision making with economic reasoning and quantitative evidence
  • We have an exemplary ability to communicate complex economic analysis and empirical evidence in a clear and easy to follow manner
  • We look at real-world problems from all angles combining the expertise and blend of economic credentials
  • We face few issues of conflict of interest because of our small size

Director’s Message

At Trojan Economics we are guided by our passion for finding the right answers and we are determined to go the extra mile to achieve outstanding results. Our mission is to enable better choices and support superior decisions underpinned by the best economic thinking and expert industry knowledge.

Dr. Panayiotis Agisilaou


Expert, robust and clear advice on all aspects of competition law, state aid and regulatory policy

Areas of


Cartels & Anticompetitive Agreements

Abuse of Dominance

Action for Damages

Mergers & Acquisitions

Market Regulation

State Aid

Compliance Programmes & Training

Business Strategy & Decision Making

Commercial Disputes & Negotiation


Compliance Programmes & Training



Trojan Economics Academy offers specialized seminars on various legal and economic aspects of competition, which focus on substantive and procedural issues of Competition Law.

Our Seminars are designed and led by academics and experts with sound knowledge, practical skills, and a thorough understanding of Competition Law and Economics. All Trainers have excellent teaching and communication skills and extensive experience in training Lawyers and business professionals.

Πρακτική εφαρμογή Δικαίου του Ανταγωνισμού
Έλεγχος Συγκεντρώσεων Επιχειρήσεων από την Επιτροπή Προστασίας του Ανταγωνισμού και την Ευρωπαϊκή Επιτροπή
Μεγάλα δεδομένα και Δίκαιο Ανταγωνισμού
Η αντιμετώπιση της υπερβολικής τιμολόγησης στο Δίκαιο του Ανταγωνισμού
Η αντιμετώπιση της καταχρηστικής εκμετάλλευσης της σχέσης οικονομικής εξάρτησης στο Δίκαιο του Ανταγωνισμού
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