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Our expert economists provide specialised consulting services that help businesses to make better-informed decisions and thoughtful strategies in terms of competition.

We are always on the lookout for active and ambitious economists, who possess strong academic credentials in microeconomic theory, industrial organization and econometrics.

If you wish to start your career in competition economics with Trojan Economics and apply economics to real-life situations, send us your Curriculum Vitae at Any incoming correspondence is treated with strict confidentiality.


Trojan Economics accepts applications from students, in both Law and Economics, for an internship spanning from 3 to 5 weeks.

The internship typically takes place in June and July of each year, depending on our workload and the availability of our staff members.
Our internship program is designed to equip interns with specialised knowledge and experience in relation to competition economics and to help them become familiar with the approach of the leading company in this field.

During the course of the internship, we provide guidance to interns so that to prepare at least one article, which we aim to publish in domestic or international press or in more specialised journals.

Internship places are limited and will be allocated using specific selection criteria, particularly the academic achievements, professional skills and interests, motivations and ambitions of applicants.

The students who complete the internship program of our company, receive a certificate of attendance.

If you are interested in participating in our internship program, please fill out the form below.

Internship program

Past interns and their work

Rafaella Patsali

“Internship at Trojan Economics is a great place to start a career. During my time as an intern, I was given the opportunity to work on a specific project related to competition law and economics and broaden my knowledge in those areas. Among other great advantages were the opportunity to be engaged in seminars and gain not only invaluable knowledge and experience, but also improve my critical thinking and writing skills. Trojan Economics team is responsive and friendly; it warmly welcomes interns to the team and willingly shares their experience and knowledge. I am grateful for the opportunity to gain essential practical skills, get new knowledge and deepen my expertise in competition law which will certainly help me in the future.”

Emmeleia Kasoulidou

“As an intern at Trojan Economics, I was given the opportunity to work with prominent experts in the field of Competition Economics. I was able to discuss and work on significant matters, such as the role of Competition Law in Sustainable Development.
The internship has enabled me to improve my critical thinking and problem-solving abilities and develop practical skills, which I believe are essential for career development. I have acknowledged the importance of writing clearly and concisely, focusing on the critical elements of the subject at hand and meeting deadlines. Lastly, I have learned to always strive for excellence and professionalism, in every aspect of my professional path.”

Chrystalla Christoforou

“Being a law student with almost zero legal background in competition law, this internship has given me great insight into how competition law correlates with different economic and commercial areas. During my internship, I had the opportunity to apply skills gained from the university on a practical level while enhancing my critical thinking and written communications skills. I received guidance throughout the process of drafting my project, particularly on effectively conveying the most important issues to the reader. On top of that, I enhanced my commercial awareness and learned about the challenges of competition law in contemporary issues. The skills and knowledge gained during this internship are essential tools for every law student and future lawyer.”

Nicholas Drousiotis

“During my internship, I gained valuable insight and knowledge in EU Competition Law, a relatively unfamiliar area of law to me. This opportunity proved crucial in improving my analytical skills through conducting lengthy research on high profile cases that reached the EU Courts. I researched the latest developments in gun-jumping cases and the recent General Court’s annulment of the European Commission’s decision to prohibit the Hutchison-O2 merger (CK Telecoms UK Investments Ltd v European Commission). The fact that I dealt with the latest developments was particularly exciting since there are still many unresolved issues and the legal and business communities are still trying to ascertain the future development of EU Competition Law. Following detailed feedback and guidance from Dr. Agisilaou and Trojan Economics, I produced two articles that were published in Dikaiosyni (Cyprus’ legal portal).”

Georgia Matsentidou

“During my internship at Trojan Economics I had the opportunity to be involved with a variety of aspects of the legal profession such as research and analysis of law resources, observation and provision of support in the company, drafting and revising of articles regarding burning questions of Competition Law, etc. Inarguably, through this experience I have also gained valuable knowledge from a practical point of view. Furthermore, this experience made me realise the importance of not only being motivated and having confidence in your work but also having a proper supervision can help you achieve excellent results on projects. In this developing and competitive market, a sound knowledge of commercial aspects is essential for all legal professionals.”

Zenonas Hadjicostas
Law Department, University of Cyprus (Summer 2018)

"Being a summer intern at Trojan Economics constitutes a remarkable step of a career in competition economics and law. As a law graduate, I found it extremely fruitful putting in practice the knowledge that acquired through my studies at competition policy and law at the University of Cyprus. After completing the three months placement, I enhanced my awareness on competitions law matters which may emerge in various administrative cases and I became more confident in handling competition law cases efficiently, being able to take into consideration the various competition economics issues that these cases always include."

Paraskevas Rodosthenous
Law Department, University of Cyprus (Summer 2018)

"On the whole I had a brilliant internship experience. During my time as an intern I was able to independently work on projects while learning from the experiences and expertise of the staff. Through the study of literature, articles and case law for the preparation of a document with Q&A on the role of economic experts in competition matters, both in the administrative procedure before the European Commission and the context of court trials, I got a deeper knowledge on issues regarding competition law and administrative law. At the end of the day, it was enormously rewarding to be able to see some of the things I learnt in law school come to live in practice. The internship at Trojan Economics proved to be an enriching and fruitful experience for a young law graduate."

Phaedra Exadactylou
Law Department, University of Cyprus (Summer 2018)

"The internship in Trojan Economics was a great experience. I earned excellent research and writing skills. With the help of Mr. Agisilaou I gained spherical knowledge about the EU Competition Law. During my time there I had the opportunity to write an article titled “Prohibition of the sale of luxury products through third party internet platforms” which was then published in “Phileleftheros” and in the “Accountancy Cyprus” journal."

Marianna Orfanou
Law Department, University of Cyprus (Summer 2018)

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Athena Patera
Law Department, University of Cyprus (Summer 2017)

"The internship program at Trojan Economics is a great opportunity for law graduates who would like to expand their knowledge on competition law. The application of both law and economics during the internship program provides the participants with knowledge and skills that are essential for every lawyer."

Despoina Ivanova
Law Department, University of Cyprus (Summer 2017)

"Getting a good internship has always been an important goal for a student! At Trojan Economics I had the opportunity to attain that goal, broaden my horizons and become more familiar with Competition Law. Thought-provoking questions and suggestions helped me understand the topic assigned to me at a deeper level and enhance my critical thinking. "

Zena Mbalta
Law Department, University of Cyprus (Summer 2017)

"My summer internship in Trojan Economics was an excellent opportunity for me to familirise myself with the aspects of competition law. Mr Agisilaou guide me to prepare an article that it was published in a local newspaper about the abuse of dominant position in the market. I strongly believe that the internship program in Trojan Economics has added value to my experience and prepared me to start my career in the field of competition law."

Maria Vassiliou
Law Department, University of Cyprus (Summer 2016)

"During my internship at Trojan Economics I was offered a rewarding learning experience and the chance to explore interesting areas of competition law such as mergers and acquisitions, state aid and compliance. Furthermore, my critical thinking skills as well as my ability to form arguments using accurate and concise writing were enhanced by the unique opportunity to write articles and practice notes some of which were later published in newspapers and business magazines. Furthermore, my experience at Trojan Economics has helped me gain an understanding of the business world through the development of commercial awareness, a skill which has proven invaluable in my legal career. "

Kyriakos Tikkas
Law Department, University of Cyprus (Summer 2016)

"My participation in Trojan Economics’ Internship Program at the end of the third year of my studies was a unique and wonderful experience as it enable me to work on a specific project in the field of competition law, gaining important knowledge and experience which was indeed valuable for my future career path. I strongly recommend everyone who is interested in competition law to participate."

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