Credible, impartial and innovative mediation approaches.

Competition-related disputes can lead to private litigation proceedings for the recovery of damages. These proceedings are becoming increasingly common, and their timely resolution is critical for businesses.

We can support businesses to efficiently and cost-effectively resolve any type of competition-related disputes through the process of mediation.

Our accredited and qualified Mediators have in-depth specialised knowledge and extensive experience in dealing with complex Competition Law cases and they can provide credible and impartial assistance to the parties involved helping them to arrive at the best possible outcome to their dispute.




Mediation benefits

  • Avoid costly and time consuming litigation
  • Faster resolution of disputes
  • Preservation of commercial relationships
  • Greater control of the parties over the procedure
  • No determination of liability
  • Flexibility to withdraw at any time without consequences
  • Retain confidentiality of the process and avoid negative publicity
We can help
  • Establish communication between the parties
  • Facilitate dispute resolution avoiding the risk of negative publicity
  • Provide a structured process that maintains confidentiality
  • Supervise the exchange of information and the negotiation process
  • Reduce the risk of revealing competitively sensitive information
  • Reach common ground and discuss possible solutions
  • Resolve disputes by helping parties find comprehensive and customized solutions
  • Achieve a mutually satisfactory and enforceable resolution to disputes
  • Seek solutions that sustain amicable commercial relationships
  • Assist in drafting a final settlement
  • Ensure that the final resolution agreement is compliant with Competition Law rules, reducing the risk of future disputes

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