Business Strategy & Decision Making



Helping businesses make confident strategic decisions grounded on solid economic analysis.

Economics is at the heart of almost all business decision-making. Among other things, economics provides a rigorous framework for information gathering and analysis of practical business problems to improve decision making.

We provide strategic advice utilising our specialist analytical skills and expertise in competition economics and our broad understanding of the functioning of the market mechanism and economic realities.

We can help our clients to effectively deal with commercial challenges and make better choices through creative problem-solving and well-grounded economic analysis.

We can help
  • Conduct sector inquiries to better understand market structure performance and conduct
  • Design and implement negotiation strategy to enhance the probability of success
  • Carry out market analysis for due diligence purposes
  • Analyse competition dynamics
  • Model consumer demand to identify the determinants of consumer behavior and forecast future sales
  • Conduct demand analysis and estimate price elasticities
  • Design tendering processes
  • Design policies in relation to pricing and discounts of our clients’ businesses
  • Prepare profitability analysis to evaluate the success of a business in generating profit from the implementation of its strategy
  • Explore market conditions affecting market entry and expansion

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