Compliance Programmes & Training



We help clients effectively and preemptively manage competition risks.

Competition authorities have extensive powers to investigate and punish companies found to have infringed competition law, including the ability to impose significant fines. Even if the allegations are unproven, they can severely harm a company’s reputation. Companies can effectively deal with competition law risks by putting compliance programmes in place to prevent and detect anticompetitive activity within their operations.

We advise clients in all areas of competition law compliance, particularly with the setup and implementation of internal compliance programmes. These programmes are tailored to address the specific needs of the client’s organisation and business sector. Our compliance services cover comprehensive monitoring and auditing of internal processes and the provision of support to improve compliance activities.

As part of an effective compliance programme, we provide bespoke training to employees, including virtual as well as on-site training, to enhance their knowledge and awareness of the company’s policies, rules and procedures in relation to competition compliance.



We can help
  • Identify sectors of increased risk of competition law infringement
  • Design customized competition compliance manuals
  • Conduct tailored training to key employees of the company in-person or online, via online conferencing platforms
  • Provide interactive and visual-based training experience
  • Conduct dawn raid training and simulations
  • Prepare user-friendly guidelines on key risk areas (e.g., participation in trade associations, exchange of commercially sensitive information)
  • Monitor the implementation and effectiveness of compliance programmes
  • Provide external compliance officer services
  • Assess distribution agreements and other commercial agreements or business practices and compliance of a company’s Memorandum and Articles of Association with competition law
  • Assist in translating complex regulatory rules into clear employee-friendly guidelines and training material
  • Provide insightful advice on compliance strategy

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