Trojan Economics is embarking on a significant and innovative venture in partnership with the University of Piraeus and the Piraeus Bar Association

Dec 14, 2023 | Press release

Trojan Economics is excited to announce its collaboration with the University of Piraeus and the Piraeus Bar Association (PBA) in a groundbreaking project entitled “Law Professionals’ Economic Training” (LAPET). This initiative is a part of the Greece 2.0 Basic Research Financing Action, aimed at fostering innovation and expertise across diverse sectors.


Project Overview

LAPET provides the advanced economic training required to navigate complex legal cases effectively. With an emphasis on Law, Economics, and Business, this project seeks to enhance the skills of young law graduates and professionals.


Innovative Tools and Approach

LAPET will revolutionize the way legal professionals acquire knowledge. A technologically advanced portal will provide a wealth of resources, including handbooks, training courses, and even the opportunity to engage with “mock trials.” This method, inspired by distinguished institutions like Harvard Law School, offers a real-life glimpse into competition and regulation issues, enhancing advocacy and problem-solving skills.


Promoting Professional Growth

By addressing the gap between law and economics, LAPET aims to strengthen the professional profiles of legal practitioners. Through this collaboration, Trojan Economics, the PBA, and the University of Piraeus are committed to equipping law professionals with the tools they need to excel in a rapidly changing legal landscape.


Key points of the collaboration


  • Focus on Multidisciplinary Training: LAPET is designed to bridge the gap between law, economics, and business. This approach is crucial for law graduates and professionals to effectively handle complex legal cases, which often involve intricate economic principles.
  • Innovative Educational Tools: The project’s use of a technologically advanced portal for learning resources, including handbooks, training courses, and mock trials, is noteworthy. This method, inspired by renowned institutions like Harvard Law School, will provide legal professionals with practical insights into competition and regulation issues. It’s an engaging way to enhance advocacy and problem-solving skills.
  • Professional Development: By integrating economic understanding into legal training, LAPET aims to bolster the professional profiles of legal practitioners. This interdisciplinary knowledge is essential in today’s fast-evolving legal environment, where economic aspects frequently intersect with legal issues.
  • Collaborative Effort: The partnership between Trojan Economics, the University of Piraeus, and the PBA highlights a collaborative spirit to advance legal education. This synergy could lead to innovative educational practices and set a new standard in professional training.


Stay tuned for more updates as we embark on this transformative journey towards enhancing the knowledge and skills of legal professionals. 

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