A milestone achievement in Competition Law and expert consulting in Cyprus

Feb 14, 2024 | Action for damages

In a groundbreaking decision by the Nicosia District Court, a significant chapter was added to Cyprus’ competition law history. The court awarded Golden Telemedia Ltd compensation of €60.984, plus interest, for competition law infringements by the Cyprus Telecommunications Authority from 2005 to 2008. This decision was made against a claim of €1.388.069,19, plus interest, highlighting the importance of expert testimony in legal proceedings.

The court’s decision was influenced by Dr. Panagiotis Agisilaou‘s expert analysis. The court fully adopted his scientific method of calculating damages, which resulted in a significant reduction in the compensation amount. This highlights the importance of expert knowledge and Trojan Economics’ unique position in providing unparalleled expertise in competition law damages actions.

This case is significant, as it marks the second time a civil court in Cyprus has awarded damages for breaches of competition law. Dr. Agisilaou‘s involvement highlights the importance of expert consultation in achieving fair and justified legal outcomes. This further emphasizes Trojan Economics’ dedication to excellence and precision in the field of competition law.

At Trojan Economics, we are dedicated to applying scientific rigour and expert analysis to legal disputes. Our goal is to ensure that justice and fair competition are upheld. This case reinforces our position as the only company in Cyprus that can provide expert guidance in competition law damages actions.

Are you searching for the best guidance in competition law damages actions? Look no further, as Trojan Economics is here to offer unparalleled expertise and help you achieve the impactful results you deserve. Don’t settle for less; choose Trojan Economics today!


The decision of the Court is here.

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